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Economic Growth

Results of freight and passenger transportation show economic results with a profit last year of 1 Billion Czech crowns, the equivalent in Euros is 40 million Euros.

Zdroj: idnes.cz

2020-05-17T12:03:12+00:0030. April 2018|

Could EET affect the meal vouchers industry?

According to an article of HN the Electronic Evidence System (EET) could affect the meal vouchers (Stravenky) distribution.
Many restaurants have stopped taking meal vouchers because the EET is controlling the way that the customer

2020-05-17T12:03:35+00:0024. February 2017|

Dollar is Getting Stronger

According to the newspaper HN, the macro economic data of European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve System (Fed) show a stronger U.S. Dollar for this year.

2020-05-17T12:03:48+00:0025. January 2017|

Prosperous 2017

In an article of the newspaper HN,
Czech-business-men are very positive and referring to 2017 as
a prosperous and surprising year for the Czech market.

2020-05-17T12:04:03+00:002. January 2017|

Accounting Challenge

Paying the penalty to avoid prison will not be the case anymore. According to the newspapers HN the European Court came with the verdict that allows to the Tax offices not only to receive the

2020-05-17T12:04:12+00:0019. December 2016|

Banking Sector Expanding in the Czech Republic

The French group BNP Paribas is introducing to the Czech Republic the brand ‘’Hello Bank‘‘next year.
According to HN this Application is working already in France, Belgium, Germany and Austria.
Their platform is being used from 2.4

2020-05-17T12:04:31+00:0015. December 2016|

Czech Boom

According to a research of HN the Start-Up business in the Czech Republic has a boom of 78% in the last 3 years.

Most of them are Companies with limited liability that have been created

2020-05-17T12:05:26+00:008. December 2016|

Uber or Liftago?

According to HN the Liftago is the new competitor of Uber taxi service.

The Czech Company is ready to expand in the west after a great fund investment.
It is expected that Uber will have a

2020-05-17T12:06:05+00:009. November 2016|

The electronic evidence of revenue

The electronic evidence of revenue is a must in every Hotel and restaurant in the Czech Republic from the 1st of December 2016.

The new system was proposed by the Parliament after the inspiration and idea

2020-05-17T12:06:11+00:009. November 2016|