According to an article of HN the Electronic Evidence System (EET) could affect the meal vouchers (Stravenky) distribution.
Many restaurants have stopped taking meal vouchers because the EET is controlling the way that the customer has paid for his/her meal.
In other words the ‘’stravenka’’ payment reveals if the customer had alcohol which is prohibited to pay for it with the meal voucher.
On the other hand this is not a new regulation that came with the EET appliance. It has been there for long time. Meal vouchers are for meal, not for alcohol consumption.
Does this mean the end of meal vouchers?
Not really, meal vouchers can be used in supermarkets as well, not only in restaurants.
What is the actual conflict around this meal-voucher-fiasco?
Is it really such a big issue, or is it soft news that the media want to sell? Is it just the opposition parties going against the government’s decision to apply the EET?
After all serving alcohol paid by cash is going through the Electronic Evidence System as well, and many other countries of EU have the meal vouchers and the EET for many years now.
Only time will show Have a great Friday!!!