Formation of Standard Foreign Companies

Why invest in the Slovak Republic?

Private company limited liability in Slovak s.r.o.)

  • Company Formation Time: 7 days

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Avoidance of double taxation: Yes

  • Accounting Requirement: Yes

  • Corporate Taxation: 15 % (21 % for businesses with income over 100 000,- EUR)

  • Legal System: Civil Law

  • Minimum Paid-up capital: 5 000,- EUR

  • Time zone: GMT+1


Slovakia is one of the most popular destinations for investors in Central and Eastern Europe. The evidence is the large number of investment projects from Asia, USA and Europe. The evaluation of the World Bank group project ‘Doing Business’ ‘finds Slovakia ranking at the top. The most widespread form of business in the Slovak Republic is the limited liability company (Ltd).

There are several reasons for that. The main one is the form of liability. In Ltd company the partner is liable for the company only up to the outstanding amount that is listed in the commercial register. Simply this form of business seems to be the safest because the obligations of the company is only up to the amount of its assets and in the worst case scenario the bankruptcy of the company‘s property, the private property of the partner remains untouched.

An equally important advantage is the fact that Ltd Company can be established by a single natural or legal person. The minimum Paid-up capital compared to other forms of companies is relatively low (€ 5,000). There is a minimum shareholder deposit in the share capital of € 750. If the Ltd Company is ruled only by one person, the registered capital must be paid in full before the application for registration in the commercial register. The great news of 2016 is the abolition of the obligation to prove the payment of cash deposits through the bank statements. Currently it is possible to deposit money into basic capital or cash. The responsible person for the deposits manages the application for the company registration and is enough to attach his statement of cash deposits. The ease of starting off business activities, is currently in 29th place.

In addition to the establishment of Slovak companies, we can provide you a foundation Ltd. in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and in cooperation with our partners in selected offshore countries. Currently we are preparing new opportunities in the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  • 350 million potential clients within a radius of 1000 km

  • Most EU member states within a radius of 2000 km

  • An EU member since 2004

  • Membership in NATO since 2004

  • A member of the Eurozone Area since 2009

  • Member of the Schengen Area

  • Political and economic stability

  • Secure investment environment

  • Leader in Central Europe in labor productivity in the top 10 countries with strongest labor force according to OECD

  • Adaptability of workers at various types of work, culture and leadership, language skills and a positive attitude to work

  • Leader in Central Europe in the automotive, electronics and IT sector.

  • EURO currency as one of the few countries of Central Europe

  • Leading position in the world in adapting new technology and high innovation potentials

  • A wide and varied offer of industrial premises

  • Attractive investment incentives

  • It is still relatively low labor costs

  • Healthy banking system

  • Automobile industry

  • Electro-technics

  • IT Services

  • Consulting services

  • European Funds

Why invest in Croatia?

Company with Limited Liability (d.o.o.)

  • Company Formation Time: 7 – 10 days

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna (HRK)

  • Avoidance of double taxation: Yes

  • Accounting Requirement: Yes

  • Corporate Taxation: 18 % (12 % for Small Businesses)

  • Legal System: Civil Law

  • Minimum Paid-up capital: 20 000 HRK (2 500 EUR)

  • Minimum directors / shareholders: 1/1


Croatia is the newest member of the European Union since 1 July 2013. This newest European member pass justifies the colossal sponsorships that EU provides in many areas with an upper scope the innovation and development of the country. Companies located in Croatia by foreign investors have the same ease and access to European funds and they are treated like a locals.

Apart from access to EU funds, with an advantageous geographic location along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has half a billion potential clients. The innovated excellent infrastructure in conjunction with ultra-modern highways, railways, 7 national airports and 6 ports offer great potential for transferring goods to important destinations.

Croatia is among the countries with the highest percentage of people having completed at least upper secondary education. This automatically promises a qualified multilingual workforce.

  • Tourism Industry
  • European Investment Funds
  • International Companies
  • Environmental projects
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Agriculture