Consulentia Ltd was established in 2002. During its existence it was developed as a consultative – consulting firm, offering services related to the creation of commercial companies, their management, and other, related business services in order to succeed effective communication and the operation of a business.

Our main goal is to provide services at a high professional level, in order to achieve the full satisfaction of our client. The serious and the correct approach to addressing the requirements and the needs of our clients is our basic value principle, with of course the confidentiality throughout the process of communication and business relationship with the client.

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30April 2018

Economic Growth

Results of freight and passenger transportation show economic results with a profit last year of 1 Billion Czech crowns, the equivalent in Euros is 40

24February 2017

Could EET affect the meal vouchers industry?

According to an article of HN the Electronic Evidence System (EET) could affect the meal vouchers (Stravenky) distribution. Many restaurants have stopped taking meal vouchers

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