Establishing Companies

Have you decided to do business and start your own company? With us you are at the right place! We know from experience that the foundation of the company is not an easy process because every business has a different approach. On the contrary, it is a complex process that requires devoting time, knowledge and of course sufficient legal provision.

In addition to setting up companies in Slovakia we can provide a foundation Ltd. In Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and in other selected offshore countries with the cooperation of our partners. Currently we are preparing new services in the Baltic countries.
  • Consultation, based on your defined requirements and ideas, we will suggest the most appropriate legal form, ownership structure and business objects in order to be in control of the company.

  • Preparation of all administrative work , contracts, and other legal documents.

  • Notary services.

  • Issuance of trade licenses.

  • Application for the Commercial Register.

  • Company tax registration.

Consultation and business plan

There is not such a thing like being a native entrepreneur therefore we suggest to clients to consult their business plan with people who have years of experience. Business Is not just about success, wealth, and recognition, but also the predicting the failures, lack of funding and troubleshooting that might come along the way.

After answering these questions, we are ready to drive-through the client throughout the implementation of its business plan, since the inception of the selected accounting management accounting, payroll and contact with public institutions. Enstablishing the company is accelerated for/with the client in order to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate services.

  • Is there any space for my service / product in the market?

  • Is my project feasible?

  • Does my my product / service conforms to the needs of potential clients?

  • Single ownership or a partnership?

  • What is the best legal form for my business plan?

  • What is the best way to finance my business?

  • What is the commercial potential of the planned project?

  • Does my company have a chance to succeed in the domestic / global market?

  • Do I need for my business any specific license or other any authorization?

  • What trade actions are going to be helpful/useless directly related to my business plan?

  • Which bank has the most favorable conditions for entrepreneurs?

  • It is suitable to establish my business in the Slovak/Czech Republic or abroad?

Assistance in opening a Bank account

Today, the bank account is an integral part of any new or a ready-made company. In a time when cash payments are very limited and everything is moving to eliminate cash transactions and prioritize payments online It’s very important to have the right bank on your side. It is very important as well not to forget and send the report to the government. Penalties could occur from not keeping communication with the state administration.

This is a simple service to assist you and can save you a lot of time in choosing a suitable bank for your business. Our selected partner banks can give in the beginning the opportunity to save up on charges for 6 months.

  • On a personal meeting, depending on your chosen country for business, we recommend a suitable reference bank. We can also alert and give you options opening an account in some destinations in order to avoid possible fines or taxation.

  • The authorized person will assist you in selecting the optimum package of services from the banking portfolio.

  • We ensure opening an account and gaining access to online banking, including credit cards.

  • We will explain how to use the relevant bank card and approaches.